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How Do You Save Lives with Data?

Hear from Paul Hartmann how a global manufacturer of medical supplies was able to unify, access, and analyze data across multiple internal and external sources to ensure medical providers always have the supplies they need to care for patients and save lives.


SAP Data Intelligence: Extending SAP Data Hub with the Power of Enterprise AI

Discover how to overcome the challenges to gain a wealth of new, meaningful business insights from Artificial Intelligence (AI).


What Every Company Should Know About the Grab-and-Go Customer Experience

By 2022, over half of major new business systems will incorporate continuous intelligence that uses real-time context data to improve decisions ⁠— gain the insights you need to succeed.


SAP Data Intelligence for Enterprise AI

Access this online course to learn about SAP Data Intelligence, SAP's new AI/data science platform for managing complex data landscapes, building scalable data pipelines, and provisioning the entire data science process.


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Improve user experiences with metadata management strategies that improve data visibility and enable pervasive data consumption.

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Harness the power of exponentially growing data to expand your offering portfolio with flexible, open, end-to-end data landscape management.


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